Nordic Ware 8 Inch Heat Tamer and Burner Panel

Price: $11.02
  • Stylish black European design.
  • Made in America

Norpro 144 Heat Diffuser

Price: $6.60
  • Prevents scorching, burning and boil overs
  • Can be used on electric or gas stove tops

Chemex Stainless Fortify Wire Grid for Use on Electric Stove, 6.5 Inch

Price: $9.95
  • Essential for heating your Chemex water kettle, coffeemaker, and other glass cookware directly on electric stoves with exposed coils
  • Stainless steel

2 Stall Flame Tamer Stovetop Simmer Ring Aluminum Heat Diffuser Gas Electric Range

Price: $10.88
  • Reduces cleanup time, Makes a double boiler out of every pan when cooking
  • Protects glass and porcelain from overheating and cracking ,Hand washing recommended

Ilsa 7-Inch Dash Iron Heat Diffuser

Price: $18.09
  • Heat diffuser; eliminates unwanted hot spots
  • Made of cast iron; evens your electric or gas burners heat surface

OpenSky: Ted Allen shares Bella Copper Heat Diffusers

Ted Allen shares one of his favorite kitchen tools - Bella Copper Copper Heat Diffusers. Find it here on OpenSky: OpenSky is a shopping ...

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  1. Beasticus Tofudii Beasticus Tofudii says:
    Cooking with a tagine - do you need a heat diffuser? Why?
    My wife ordered a tagine to cook with. Now she is hearing that she will need a heat diffuser to go with it. What does the diffuser do? Is it possible to skip it, or rig something up for cheap that will work just as well without spending the...
    OURScott says:
    If the tagine has a cast iron base, no problem. If the bottom is ceramic it needs a diffuser. However a glass top electric should be OK if the base of the tagine is totally flat and sits squarely on the stove with few gaps or spaces between the...

Heat Diffuser for Electric Range - Kitchen Consumer - eGullet Forums

The electric range in my new apartment seems to put out quite a bit of heat, and I was wondering if there's a way to even out the heat that gets transferred to the cookware. I've seen diffusers for gas ranges, and on a few sites there seem to be some that are described as working for electric ranges as well.

Are there any that are designed specifically for an electric range? What brands or features should I look for? I'd really like to get my good cookware away from direct contact with the heating elements.


I don't understand why you'd want one designed specifically for an electric range. Uneven heat is uneven heat. Be it an electric stove, a gas range (yes gas is uneven too), a charcoal grill, or a campfire.

In my experience, cast iron can't be beat. I use something similar to the following on my beanpots that can't take direct flame. heat diffuser


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pot stove burner diffuser

Heat diffuser

A wire burner diffuser between a electric burner and a pot.
Photo by Dvortygirl on Flickr

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    She also recommends using a heat diffuser for slow, steady cooking (especially if using an electric or ceramic stove top). Aleppo pepper can generally be found in Middle Eastern markets and cooking stores, as well as online. Marash pepper can be found